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Social Work Job Vacancies in Blackpool

Blackpool may be famous for its stunning beaches, tower and ballroom, but this isn’t all northern town has to offer. From the Opera House, which has welcomed the likes of Shirley Bassey, Peter Kay, Tom Jones and Jim Davidson to its stage, to the welcoming Stanley Park, Blackpool Zoo, and the vast array of comedy clubs, including The Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club and Viva Comedy Station, the people of Blackpool certainly have a lot to keep them busy. And if that wasn’t enough, the Houndshill Shopping Centre, The Regent, Affinity Lancashire, Abingdon Street Market and Bonny Street Market provide locals and visitors a vast choice of designer brands, fresh ingredients and restaurants to really sink your teeth into. So, if you’ve been thinking of moving to Blackpool, but want to know more about the council, and what being a social worker there will entail, then please read on.

All About Blackpool Council

Blackpool Council is the local authority of Blackpool in Lancashire. It comprises 42 councillors, 2 for each of the 21 wards in Blackpool. These wards include Anchorsholme, Bloomfield, Clifton, Layton and Talbot, as well as Waterloo, Warbeck, Squires Gate and Victoria. Along with providing a range of useful services to their constituents, their main aim, ‘’continues to be on making life better for everyone, focussing on prevention more than support. Three flagship projects – A Better Start, HeadStart and most recently the Department for Education-funded Opportunity Area – all mark a decisive shift towards enabling future generations and creating the right conditions for their success.’’

Blackpool Council Key Social Services Include:

  • Adoption: This is where potential parents can meet the children who are in need of adoptive parents, find the dates of key events such as ‘Adoption Information Sessions’ and learn all about the adoption process.
  • Fostering: This is where potential foster parents can discover what’s involved in becoming a foster carer, why they should foster through Blackpool Council and what the benefits of fostering are.
  • Education Support For Children With Special Needs: Where the parents and carers of children with physical, sensory, behavioural or emotional difficulties can discover the types of services and support available.

Other important services Blackpool Council offers includes:


Types Of Social Work Roles Available At Blackpool Council

Blackpool Council provides social workers a great range of roles from which to choose from, including those that involve working as part of safeguarding, children in need and permanence teams.

Our current roles include:

  • Team Manager – Permanence Team – Working With Children & Families.
  • Practice Development Manager – Permanence Team – Working With Children & Families.
  • Temporary Senior Social Worker – CIN Support and Protection Team – Working With Children & Families.
  • Temporary Social Worker – Special Educational Needs Team – Working With Children & Families.
  • Temporary Social Worker – Support Our Children Team – Working With Children & Families.

For our full range of Blackpool-based roles, please click here.


Why Blackpool Council Is A Great Place To Be A Social Worker

  • They have jobs available for all kinds of social workers, such as those who want to work with children and adults with special educational needs, as well as those who are vulnerable and in need of protection.
  • Because they value the support their social workers give, they take the time to get to know their social workers, and the needs of their clients, to ensure that both are happy with the match they are given.
  • Echoing the community spirit that Blackpool encompasses, the council are a close-knit bunch who will bend over backwards to help each-other out.

Our Relationship With Blackpool Council

Blackpool Council and Portman Recruitment have a strong working relationship, because they value the quality candidates that we supply them with, and we appreciate the additional support they provide our candidates with, on top of what we give them. Whenever they are looking for a new social worker, they will send across available roles and based on the job specs, we’ll send across CVs that tick all of the boxes. Should a CV stand out, we’ll let the candidate know, and then set up an interview with the Blackpool Council.

Not only will we help with any pre-interview nerves, but we’ll also follow up post-interview feedback. Should the candidate be successful, we’ll arrange a start date and provide them with a beneficial welcome pack. This details the assignment, and provides the contact details of the candidate’s dedicated consultant, who will always be on hand to help with any query, question, concern or emergency.

‘’Brilliant service, great consultants who are always happy to help. Best agency I have come across.’’ – Lilly

If Blackpool Council sounds like the kind of place that you would like to work, please give us a call today on 0161 327 0936 to learn more about them, the roles they have available, and what we can do to help.



What process do you use to select social workers for positions?

Every social worker that we look to place in a role at Blackpool Council and other local authorities, will be different.

It’s different because each candidate is different, there is not just a one size fits all model. It all depends on where the social worker strengths, weaknesses and what they have done in previous roles.

What is just as important is asking the social worker candidate about what they are looking for, after all the health & wellbeing of the candidate is just as important. If they’re not 100% happy then this will affect their day-to-day execution of the role.

Some may be after an exciting new challenge and other candidates may be happy just carrying on with work that they feel comfortable in – everyone is different and it’s our job at Portman Recruitment to ensure we can place everyone.

It’s our job to ensure candidates’ CVs are as optimised for the role at Blackpool Council as much as possible. This ensures hiring managers can find the social worker they’re looking for quickly.

In our experience social workers know exactly what they are looking for, this frees us up to go and speak to clients, find out what they’re after and communicate that to the prospective social worker.

Local authorities, including Blackpool Council, tend to look for agency social workers that have 2 to 3 years experience in the social work sector, this ensures that the candidate has the breadth of experience needed to deal with all types of social work.

However, on occasion and if demand allows it, Blackpool Council will consider social workers with 12 months experience.

Blackpool Council offers 37 hours a week contracts that are ongoing and they also expense 40p per mile. In addition, they are able to pay £75 per week for a ‘home to work’ allowance for workers have to commute in excess of 50 miles each way, this applies to workers on, this applies to workers on 37 per hours a week or less.

No matter how long you have been working at Blackpool Council, if you have an issue or problem, do not hesitate to call your dedicated recruitment specialist at Portman Recruitment immediately.

We want to know about the problem, big or small, so that we can put in a plan to make sure it doesn’t happen again or relocate the social worker so that they are in a role that doesn’t present the kind of problems that caused the problem in the first place.

Our consultants work hard to build strong working relationships with our social workers and this approach makes us confident that they’ll feel comfortable picking up the phone and letting us know their problem.

Portman Recruitment offers up an ‘above and beyond’ service, this ethos has been with us since day one and has served us well. It’s helped us provide the highest level of service to our social workers because we know we’ll always go the extra mile.

We’re just a call away for our social workers who often come to us with questions and queries, we work hard to make sure we can answer them quickly and efficiently.

Being a social worker for Portman Recruitment comes with a host of benefits. We pride ourselves on the high level of service that we offer to our social workers and we regularly get comments and notes about how assured and comforted our clients feel knowing we’ve got their back.

The social worker comes first, we truly care about them and are able to look behind the number on the spreadsheet. They’re people looking to do a good job who deserve to work for a recruitment agency that is going to care for them and see them for what they are.

Social workers who have left us for permanent work often drop us a call or drop into our Manchetser office to let us know how they’re getting on.

Social workers working with Portman Recruitment for Blackpool Council will be paid weekly via the payroll company that they requested. We also have an in-house PAYE scheme should someone want to use that to ensure they’re never out of pocket.

Working for Blackpool Council puts you in the heart of one of Britain’s most beloved seaside towns. Social Workers in Blackpool are among some of the most well-respected people in the community because people recognise all the hard work and dedication they put in each and every day.

Blackpool Council has for years provided people with high quality services such as bin collections, street cleaning and removal of bulky waste.

Located near Liverpool, Manchester and Preston, Blackpool has plenty of exciting things to see and do like the Pleasure Beach and the Pier making it a lovely place to live and work.

You’ll struggle to find a level of service like ours at Portman Recruitment.

We work hard to continue our honest and transparent way of working which helps create a welcoming environment different from that of our competitors.

Portman Recruitment and our dedicated recruitment specialists respect the role of social workers in our society and understand the difficult and challenging problems they can face on a daily basis.

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