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Meet The Team

Posted Tue Jun, 2019 by admin

Supicha Fairhurst

Compliance and Resource Manager

Supicha has been in recruitment for over 10 years, starting off as a Business Support Administrator for a large resourcing company in London. Within 2 years, she was promoted to Team Leader – a position which she not only thoroughly enjoyed, but held for 8 years. Wanting to see what the north had to offer, she moved up here in 2015 to enjoy the great opportunities that the region provides in terms of employment and quality of life. Lucky for us, she chose Portman Recruitment. She loves making things happen for the team, and that feeling that she’s being helpful to her team members. Outside of work, she enjoys playing board games such as Scrabble and Monopoly, and beating us all on the latest console games. A proud fur-parent, she’s recently adopted a puppy and kitten, both of which she completely adores.

Chloe Riley

Business Support

Chloe, a steadfast employee with prior experience within the healthcare sector, is our first port of call for any and all enquiries and questions that come our way. Overseeing the day-to-day running of our operations, she also keeps us on our toes, ensuring that every team member knows their duties and that every social worker knows there’s always someone there to help. Not only this, but she’s also working towards her Business Administrator L3 qualification at the moment, showing her commitment to the role. She loves how supportive her colleagues are, and how they help her face particular situations with ease and care – especially when it comes to learning something new. When she’s not working hard, you’ll find her doing something arty – such as photography and painting, which she’s marvellous at.

Yetty Fajembola

Recruitment Consultant

Yetty is our newest employee, who has an educational background in psychology. She is currently studying an MSc in Psychotherapy and Counselling which she applies at Portman when developing great relationships with our clients. She also has over 10 years of experience working in customer service. She enjoys helping others and providing people with exceptional service, she’s super organised and has brilliant communication skills. Outside of work, she is a massive foodie who loves to cook and, she’s a big gym-goer.

Georgia Rice

Recruitment Consultant

Georgia has been working in Customer Service for over 10 years, and working with her, it’s clear to see why. Whether on the phone, through email or face-to-face, she conveys professionalism and compassion that our support workers not only appreciate, but praise her for. Her extensive experience has given her the ability to deal with people going through a whole host of different obstacles, and the confidence to approach her workload and day-to-day tasks with enthusiasm, knowing how to remain calm when things don’t quite go to plan. She loves chatting with people from all walks of life and learning all about their different backgrounds, cultures and personalities, as well as developing her skillset within the recruitment industry. When she’s not meeting with new candidates, you’ll find her camping, travelling or keeping up with the latest bands.

Adam Whitehead

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Adam started his career in education, before seeing the light and making the transition to recruitment. He feels that his years as a teacher taught him about empathy, social perceptiveness and dependability, as well as the organisational skills needed to provide candidates with the most efficient and best possible service. He enjoys building positive relationships with these candidates, ensuring they always know that he’s there whenever they need him, and that no issue is ever too small or big that they can’t resolve together. Telling them this from the get-go, to him, there is no greater joy than helping them find exciting roles that he knows they’ll love, providing them with a platform in which to make a difference in society. Always looking to develop his own skills, if there’s a safeguarding workshop on, it’s a safe bet you can find him there. In his spare time, he loves doing a CrossFit workout, travelling, and just being outdoors as much as possible.

Paul Slater 

Recruitment Director

Paul had worked across a range of exciting industries, including media and security, before being approached in 2013 to join an agency specialising in the social care sector. Instantly he knew that this was the right sector for him, getting to work with professionals who make a positive impact on the lives of the people they work with. Prior to working with Portman Recruitment, he had always wanted to be part of an agency that does things a little differently, putting the interests of its people first. With that in mind, he moulded Portman into the consultancy it is today, creating an agency where things are done right and meets the needs of both the professionals and the clients, all under one roof.

He loves his job because he feels that everyone in the office shares the same vision as him, and are dedicated to making Portman the outstanding recruitment agency it already is. The close-knit culture is emulated through working practices that aid our social work professionals. When he’s not in the office, Paul enjoys being a great father to his 5 sons, working out at the gym, trips to the cinema and socialising with family and friends.

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