AuthorityJob TitleTeamTypePay Rate
Bury CouncilQSWLearning disabilitiesAdults£30.00
Manchester City CouncilQSWMulti Agency Safeguarding hub Adults£30.00
Manchester City CouncilOccupation Therapist complex physical and behavioural needsC&F£36.00
Tameside MBCQSWcared for childrenC&F£35.00
Oldham CouncilQSWMASHC&F£42.00
Stockport MBCQSWLocality C&F£38.00
Rochdale Borough CouncilAdvanced PractitionerLocality Adults£37.00
Blackpool CouncilQSWAssessment and SupportC&F£35.00
Stockport MBCQSWReview - MH and LDAdults£35.00
Warrington Borough CouncilQSWMHAdults£30.00
Wigan CouncilPractice Manager LocalityC&F£43.00
Wigan CouncilQSWCP/CINC&F£40.00
Tameside MBCQSWCP/Court C&F£40.00
Oldham CouncilQSWAMHPAdults£40.00
Blackpool CouncilQSWStrengthening & Support FamiliesC&FUp to £41
Blackpool CouncilQSWCourt WorkC&Fup to £41
Oldham CouncilQSWSafeguarding & care proceedingsC&FUp to £42
Manchester City CouncilQSWEarly helpAdults£30.00
Blackpool CouncilQSWCourtC&F£38.00
Blackpool CouncilQSWAssessment & Support C&F£41.00
Blackpool CouncilQSWD2AAdults£30.00
Warrington Borough CouncilQSWChildren in Care & Care LeaversC&F£40.00
Trafford CouncilQSWChild in NeedC&F£35.00
Wigan CouncilQSWDuty ServiceC&F£40.00
Manchester City CouncilQSWLearning DisabilityAdults£30.00
Rochdale Borough CouncilQSWFostering C&F£35.00
Bury CouncilQSWChild in NeedC&F£35.00
Wigan CouncilQSWMASHC&F£39.00
Rochdale Borough CouncilQSWFamily Support and ProtectionC&FUP TO £45
Tameside MBCQSWChildren with DisabilitiesC&F£35.00
Oldham CouncilTeam ManagerMASHC&F£ Call Us
Oldham CouncilQSWPermanenceC&FUp to £42
Salford CouncilLADOscreening contact referrals Via the GM LADO Matrix  C&F£34.99
Salford CouncilQSW2 x full time Pathway PostsC&F£35.00
Wigan CouncilQSWFostering ServiceC&F£35.00