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Our Ethos

Our values of being supportive, honest and dependable have always been at the core of our business. These are the foundations that our agency was built on.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the team, here at Portman Recruitment, we do things differently. We want our candidates and social workers to feel they can talk to us about anything, and therefore we hold regular catch ups with dedicated consultants who ensure job satisfaction, and we’re always available for out of hours calls should any issues arise. We don’t see our candidates as numbers on a spreadsheet, but as an integral part of our business. Therefore, we go the extra mile to make the lives of our contract workers easier, because we know that they already have enough to deal with.

We value our contract workers, and believe that they should be given the same level of care that they provide the people they support. We have an open policy and a relatively flat hierarchy. Everyone is treated the same and there are no ego-driven decisions based on commissions here. Our candidates have a say on where they are placed and we provide genuine and honest advice about all aspects of contract-based social work. We’re a team, and we want our candidates to feel a part of it too. This is our ethos, and our commitment to you, should you decide to join us.

If you’re a social worker who is looking for a new exciting role or are wanting to experience life within another Authority, then get in touch with the team at Portman Recruitment. We work with a range of local authorities across the country and are bound to have a role that is perfect for you.

The staff at Portman do their best for their workers. Reliable and trustworthy - excellent compliance - they don’t rush you into jobs that aren’t suitable just to make a buck like some other recruitment companies, but really take their time to get to know you and your skills and match you with good employers. Highly recommend.


What Makes
Us Different?

  • From our onsite visits and regular catch ups to our out of hours calls, we are always there for our social work professionals. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, the way we deal with our social workers differs for each individual and we couldn’t be happier about it. We’ll make contact with you as and when it suits you.
  • A reliable and efficient payroll, with an optional inhouse PAYE scheme that ensures our workers are never left out of pocket. The very least a recruitment agency can do is ensure its workers get the wages they’ve worked hard for on time and promptly.
  • We want our candidates to feel happy in their roles and we do our utmost to provide the support, care and education that the industry lacks in relation to its workers. We understand the frustrations that come with the hard sales approach or bad advice that lead to unsuitable roles so we do our best to avoid such issues. Since our beginning, we have looked to do things differently and we believe that our approach is best. It ensures that everyone is happy in their role and mitigates any potential issues by communicating honestly and openly.
  • We are passionate about providing a level of service that goes beyond the expectations of everyone involved – whether they’re a client, candidate or those that are benefiting from your care. Our ethos is ‘Above and Beyond’ which means we always go that bit further for our clients and work to craft real relationships that last far beyond the office.

Very promising start with Portman, they got me a job to suit my very specific needs pretty much instantly and have been great to work with so far as they take care of everything for you. Would definitely recommend them.


Meet the team

We match the right people with their ideal work placements, every time.

At Portman Recruitment, we truly believe that the strength of our team rests on the fact that it’s made up of professionals who are as passionate about the social work industry as they are dedicated to the workers they assist on a regular basis.

Whether we’re conducting onsite visits, hosting regular catch ups, offering social work careers advice for those exciting next steps or helping our workers with any concerns, our team treats every social worker as an equal, because at Portman, they are.

Our team works tirelessly to place candidates in the social work jobs that are right for them, putting their needs and happiness ahead of our own. Luckily, we love what we do, and considering our testimonials, we know that our social workers do too.

  • Michael Atkinson

    Recruitment Resourcer

    Michael Atkinson

    Recruitment Resourcer

  • Yetty Fajembola

    Recruitment Consultant

    Yetty Fajembola

    Recruitment Consultant

  • Supicha Fairhurst

    Compliance and Resource Manager

    Supicha Fairhurst

    Compliance and Resource Manager

  • Chloe Riley

    Business Support

    Chloe Riley

    Business Support

  • Georgia Rice

    Recruitment Consultant

    Georgia Rice

    Recruitment Consultant

  • Adam Whitehead

    Senior Recruitment Consultant

    Adam Whitehead

    Senior Recruitment Consultant

  • Paul Slater

    Recruitment Director

    Paul Slater

    Recruitment Director

Areas we cover

We have roles all over the map.

We are fortunate enough to work with a variety of councils, businesses and individual clients across the UK, who trust us to provide them with the highest calibre of social work specialists out there.

Therefore, if you’re looking to work within children or adult services, then no matter your location, the perfect new role is just waiting for you.

With senior positions also available, we take the time to get to know you, your skillset and ultimately what you want out of your career. Your role is what you make of it, and with our support, together, we’ll make it wonderful.


From the moment you walk through the door at our Manchester office or pick up the phone to one of our consultants you’ll see just how different we are. We treat each other and our social workers as if they were family, we do this not only to be friendly but we actually think it’s the best way to work. We’re able to offer a much better service because we truly understand what motivates our social workers and what we can do to make their lives better.

We’ll sit with you and discuss your history as a social worker, your skills, experience and what you want out of your new role. We’ll also look beyond that and ask you about you as a person, not just a social worker as we believe that getting to know the person is just as important as getting to know the social worker. Once we’ve established these things about you, our dedicated consultants will go and scour our list of roles from various local authorities to match you with a position that suits your experience and skill set.

In our many years of experience, we’ve found this bespoke approach to be the most effective as it ensures all parties are happy and makes the likelihood of them staying in that role for a long time higher.

Once placed in a new role, our dedicated consultants will keep in regular contact with their social workers, be it face-to-face over a coffee or just a quick call over the phone. We understand that you’re busy, not just as a social worker, but also outside of your work life, which is why we’ll never pester you. Our team will simply send you a text to find out a time that is most suitable to you and contact you then.

If there are issues that arise in your role then we want to hear about them. Once you’ve gotten in touch with us we’ll work out a plan to either mitigate the issue or make the necessary arrangements to ensure that you don’t have to deal with that issue again. Again, we use a bespoke approach to ensure all parties are happy.


For our own internal recruiting we work hard to hire people that we think will match our ‘Above and Beyond’ ethos that our success is built on. Our current team of dedicated consultants are fantastic at making sure their social workers feel valued and respected in their role. We love the fact that our social workers build up a great rapport and friendship with our consultants, this type of bond is vital to ensuring everyone feels comfortable communicating honestly and openly.

From day one we made it our mission to find consultants with a passion for placing social workers in roles where they provide vital care to vulnerable people in the community. The job of our consultants’ is to help you, nothing more, nothing less. This dedication puts our social workers at ease knowing that they have a person, just a phone call away, that is there exclusively to help them.

Once you’ve been assigned a consultant they will work with you to ensure your CV is optimised so that it highlights all the important experience that a hiring manager at a local authority will be looking for. They will also ensure you’re all prepped for your interview with as much information needed regarding the role and the local authority as well as comprehensive advice about how to present your best self at a social work interview. With our advice and help, we’re sure that you’ll feel completely confident from the minute you walk into the interview room.


Our social workers aren’t just employees, they’re family. 

We all know how stressful being a social worker can be, and that sometimes, the long hours, busy schedules, hectic caseloads and constant paperwork can take its toll on even the most organised and well-trained of team members. Though some recruitment agencies would shrug this off or just tell you that it’s what you signed up for, we would never want our workers feeling this way. We’re always there to help, because honestly, we can’t expect you to be supportive, if you aren’t being supported yourselves.

With frequent catch ups to determine job satisfaction and out of hours support should you need it, we ensure that whatever your query, question, issue or uncertainty, that we help in any way that we can.


We’re always on the lookout for the best and brightest talent which is why we’ve set up our fantastic referral scheme where you could earn up to £500. We think this incentive, which has actually gone from £200 to £500, will get people to reach out to their friends and family who they think would benefit from working with Portman Recruitment.

From Mental Health or Hospital Discharge to Child in Need or Child Protection we have a range of roles that would be more than suitable for any social worker. We offer jobs for all levels of experience, contract length and pay. Generally, the local authorities that we work with look for people that have 2 to 3 years of experience and offer 37 hours a week contracts as well as other perks and benefits too like travel expenses.

  • Matches candidates with their ideal roles.
  • Provides honest, open and transparent advice.
  • Lets candidates have a say on where they’re placed.
  • Pays workers on time, every payday.
  • Provides every candidate with a dedicated consultant.
  • There for you, no matter what.
  • Often put commissions ahead of finding suitable placements.
  • Can offer bad advice without considering the consequences.
  • Often use the hard sales approach to harass workers.
  • Often don’t understand the daily challenges social workers face.
  • Usually aren’t there when their workers need them the most.