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Social Work Job Vacancies in Bradford

Bradford has a lot to offer the people who live and work there, so it’s no wonder that it’s currently in the running to become the UK’s City of Culture in 2025. From the Bradford Playhouse, Cartwright Hall Art Gallery and National Science and Media Museum to the local farmers markets, vast array of international restaurants and shopping centres, which includes The Broadway, Oastler Shopping Centre and Kirkgate Centre, people are certainly never bored in Bradford, because there’s simply no excuse to be. Along with the endless job opportunities available for social workers, there’s a lot of choice for those just starting out in their career, as well as those looking to advance it. Therefore, if you’ve been thinking of joining the Bradford Council as a social worker, but would like more information on who they are and what they do, then you’ve come to the right place.

All About City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

The Bradford Council is the local authority of the City of Bradford in West Yorkshire. It comprises of 90 councillors, 3 for each of the 30 electoral wards in Bradford, which includes Keighley (Central, East and West), Craven, Great Horton, Ilkley and Thornton and Allerton, as well as Queensbury, Worth Valley, Eccleshill and Shipley. Providing their constituents with a variety of beneficial services, their main goal is to, ‘’serve the people, communities, organisations and businesses of the district by representing and working with them to protect and improve the quality of life for all’.

The Bradford Council’s Key Social Services Include:

Adoption: Where potential parents can learn about the adoption process, what this involves and whether it is right for them. Adopters can also learn about financial support, as well as Special Guardianship and Step-parent Adoption.

Safeguarding Children: Where anyone concerned about the safety or welfare of a child can learn about what to do and who to contact, such as the Children’s Social Care Initial Contact Point and the Social Services Emergency Duty Team.

Special educational needs and disabilities: Where those with special needs and disabilities can learn more about the support that is available for them, which includes day centres, help with getting a job, health and behaviour advice, and support during family crises.

Other important services the Bradford Council offers includes:

Types Of Social Work Roles Available At City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

The Bradford Council has a variety of roles available for social workers, which includes working as part of Emergency Duty, LAC and Court teams.

Some of our current roles include:

  • Best Interest Assessor – Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Team – Working With Adults.
  • QSW Level 3 – Emergency Duty Team – Working With Adults & Children
  • QSW Level 3 – Assessment Team – Working With Children & Families.
  • QSW Level 2 – Learning Disabilities Team – Working With Children & Families
  • QSW – Safeguarding Team – Working With Adults

For our full range of Bradford-based roles, please click here.

Why City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council Is A Great Place To Be A Social Worker

  • They have jobs for all kinds of social workers, including those who want to work with children, with families, with those with learning disabilities and as part of court teams.
  • They truly value the support their social workers provide all members of the community, even sponsoring the Social Worker Of The Year Awards, along with Barnardo’s and the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) for example.
  • They regulate their social workers to understand the areas in which greater support and provision is required, and to ensure that clients are getting the best level of care possible.

Our Relationship With City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

We work very closely with Bradford Council and have a good number of our candidates working there including social workers and Team Managers. Portman is signed up to receive all agency vacancies. Based on their requirements, we then send across CVs that we feel are most suitable. If a candidate appeals to the council, they will request an interview, and we will contact the social worker to help set this all up.

We’ll then guide our social worker with interview practice and technique, calling them prior to the interview to ensure they feel confident and ready. Following on from the interview, we’ll gain feedback from the authority and if successful, we’ll arrange a start date.

Our support doesn’t end there however. All of our social workers benefit from a dedicated consultant, all who offer a full 360 service which includes regularly checks in with them to ensure job satisfaction and general happiness. You support others, so it’s only right that we support you.


‘’Very promising start with Portman, they got me a job to suit my very specific needs pretty much instantly and have been great to work with so far as they take care of everything for you. Would definitely recommend them.’’ – Joanne


If you’d like to work for the Bradford Council as a social worker, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 0161 327 0936 to learn more about us and the roles that we currently have available.





What process do you use to select social workers for positions?

When it comes to selecting a social worker for Bradford Metropolitan District Council, our process at Portman Recruitment is different each time. Why? Well, quite simply, it depends on what strengths and what previous experience the candidate has.
Relevant social work experience is important but just as vital is asking the candidate “What are you looking for?”. Placing a candidate in a role that they don’t like just leads us back to square one quicker than we’d like.
Some candidates may be looking for a new challenge and to expand their social work knowledge and others may be looking for more continuity.
At Portman Recruitment it’s our job to make sure that the candidate’s CV has all the relevant skills and experiences that Bradford Metropolitan District Council are looking for.
In our experience, the vast majority of social workers know exactly what they’re looking for. This allows us to go out and speak to clients and then make individual social workers aware of the jobs that match their requirements, skillset and experience.

Bradford Metropolitan District Council and other local authorities tend to look for agency social workers that have at least 2 or 3 years of experience. This usually means that those candidates who are hired can draw on relevant social work experience to offer unique and effective practical and emotional help.

However, if demand calls for it, some local authorities including Bradford Metropolitan District Council will consider social workers with 12 months experience.

Bradford Metropolitan District Council offer contracts that are set at 37 per hours a week. They also offer flexible working hours wherever possible which is very appealing to social workers.

Simply put, any social worker who is having any sort of problem should pick up the phone and speak to their dedicated consultant at Portman Recruitment.

No matter how long the social worker has been there we want to know about any and all problems so that we can put a plan in place to fix them. We want to help, and our consultants truly care about our clients and look to build strong working relationships with all of our social workers too.

We are confident that anyone working for Bradford Metropolitan District Council would feel confident picking up the phone and contacting Portman Recruitment should they need too.

Portman Recruitment was founded on a belief of offering an ‘Above and Beyond service’.

Doing this allows us to stay ahead of our competitors and provide social workers with a service that is unrivalled.

Our support ranges from direct input – such as helping candidates create an outstanding CV that is full of relevant social work experience – to being just a phone call away should a problem arise. We’re also on hand to provide you with every possible bit of advice when it comes to interviewing and will keep you updated about the status of your social work application for Bradford Metropolitan District Council.

In short, we do our utmost to ensure our clients feel as comfortable as possible when it comes to contacting us.

As we’ve mentioned above, we pride ourselves on the high level of service that we offer.

From the moment you pick up the phone or walk through our doors, you will immediately see that we do things a little differently here at Portman Recruitment.

We continuously receive glowing testimonials from social workers who have loved our hands-on approach and our constant communication.

Another benefit of being a social worker for Portman Recruitment is knowing that you, the social worker, come first, always. Once you’re successfully placed into social work you will not just become another name on a spreadsheet to us. We understand that behind every job title there is a human with questions, fears and anxieties and we will always be there to sort out any problem or query you may have.

Our aim is to build a fantastic working relationship with all our social workers.

Social workers who have left us for more permanent roles frequently get in touch with us to see how we are. We also do our utmost to get out and see our social workers as much as possible with onsite visits and with our very popular team meals out. It’s always great to catch up.

Agency social workers working for Bradford Metropolitan District Council via Portman Recruitment will be paid weekly, on time, every time, via their requested payroll company.

We also have an optional PAYE scheme, should social workers prefer to be paid this way.

Working for Bradford Metropolitan District Council puts you in the heart of one of the most diverse places in the UK. Over half a million people live in Bradford and a huge amount of them have roots all over the world, and this has created a city full of colourful characters and fascinating stories.

Bradford Council itself has 30 wards packed with variety, with each ward represented by 3 councillors. Founded on 1st April 1974, it has spent the last 46 years helping the people of Bradford get on by offering high-quality services including social work.

Social workers in Bradford are valued and appreciated by the council and the local community, with their direct input and specialist support being integral to its operation.

Because to us, you’re not just a number or someone who is filling a space. You’re a person. An individual social worker who deserves the best in practical and emotional help.

You will struggle to find a level of service like ours at Portman Recruitment. We have an honest and transparent way of working with our social workers which is in contrast to other social work recruitment consultancies.

We understand and respect the role of a social worker and understand the problems that can arise and the practical and emotional help that may be required to get things back on track.

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