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Social Work Job Vacancies in Cumbria

Cumbria is a mostly rural county, and one of the largest in England by size, so the county council has to work in a way that encompasses the unique needs of its constituents. The sweeping Cumbria landscape is an incredible escape for many people, and the peace of country life is a massive draw for many residents. Covering the towns of Carlisle, Whitehaven, Workington, Barrow-In-Furness, Kendal and Penrith among many others, Cumbria County Council serves around 500,000 people. As well as the incredible landscape that is all around in the Cumbria area, including the 3 tallest peaks in England, there are also a variety of amazing landmarks, including Carlisle Castle, Furness Abbey and Hadrian’s Wall, which is a World Heritage Site.

All About Cumbria County Council

Cumbria County Council serves one of the largest geographical areas, but also one of the smallest number of constituents in England. It has 84 elected members and 6 devolved local committees that deal with issues regarding their areas in the county. Cumbria County Council provides its constituents with a wide variety of local services, including social work services. Cumbria County Council is responsible for providing the smaller councils in the county, such as Barrow-In-Furness or Barrow Borough Council, with skilled social workers that service the area.

Key services provided by Cumbria County Council include:

Cumbria County Council also provides residents with many other local services, including:

Types Of Social Work Roles Available At Cumbria County Council

Current roles available at Cumbria County Council include positions in the Children and Families category, where candidates will be working with all kinds of families that need support, or with children in difficult situations.

Our current roles include:

  • Social Worker – Child Protection – Working With Children & Families.
  • Social Worker – Looked After Children – Working With Children & Families.
  • Social Worker – Duty and Assessment – Working With Children & Families.

To see the full range of positions available in Cumbria County Council, please click here.

Why Cumbria County Council Is A Great Place To Be A Social Worker

We love working with Cumbria County Council to help place our candidates as they offer a wide variety of roles in many different fields. The working environment at Cumbria County Council is welcoming and our candidates have the freedom to work flexibly and in a way that suits them. We also find that our candidates are able to work in a variety of different contexts due to the large area the council covers, giving them a rewarding experience within this council.

Our Relationship With Cumbria County Council

At Portman Recruitment, our team of specialist recruitment consultants regularly place candidates in councils all over the UK, including in Cumbria County Council. When positions are advertised by councils for new social workers, we’ll receive the job specification and description. Our large bank of CVs and contacts means that we are able to quickly identify the most suitable candidates for the job, and send them to Cumbria County Council for consideration. We’ll then liaise with both the candidate and council to arrange an interview.

Our team of experienced recruiters can help you with interview preparation, or just calming those pre-interview nerves. After the interview, we’ll follow up with you and with the council, to get in-depth and genuinely useful feedback from both sides of the table. For successful candidates, we’ll then liaise with the council to establish a start date and send you a welcome pack before you begin your new role.

With Portman Recruitment, the journey doesn’t end after you’re settled into a placement. You’ll always have your dedicated consultant ready to chat with you to help solve any issues or questions, as well as advise you on next steps, iron out any concerns and make sure your placement is a genuinely positive experience wherever you are.

“Brilliant service, great consultants who are always happy to help. Best agency I have come across.” – Lilly

To find out more about social work placements in Cumbria County Council and the jobs we have available in Barrow-In-Furness, or just to chat to an experienced social work recruitment consultant about your next steps, contact our team today on 0161 828 4160.


What process do you use to select social workers for positions?

This all depends on the strengths and weaknesses of the social worker in question and where their previous experiences lie. However, at Portman Recruitment, we also think it’s just as important to ask our candidates what it is they are looking for from their new social work role. In our experience, we’ve seen and met with candidates that are eager to push their boundaries and expand their knowledge of social work. Equally, we’ve spoken to candidates who simply know what they like and like what they know and are looking for a similar role.

Regardless of their needs, it’s our job at Portman Recruitment to make sure their CV highlights all the relevant skills that hiring managers at Cumbria County Council will be looking for to fill a vacancy. As part of our commitment to client care, we will always endeavour to go and speak to our clients and then make our social workers aware of the jobs that match their needs.

Cumbria County Council and other local authorities that we work with at Portman Recruitment tend to look for social workers that have at least 2 to 3 years post-qualifying experience as a minimum. However, sometimes if demand is stretched and councils such as Cumbria County Council need social workers fast they consider people with 12 months post-qualifying experience.

Cumbria County Council offers 37 hours per week contract plus business mileage of 45p per mile. They also offer a condensed week which is 37 hours over a 4 day week (flexible based on which day you take off).

It’s our job at Portman Recruitment to not only find you your dream social work role but to look after and check in with you at every possible opportunity. As we say, you’re not just a number on a spreadsheet, you’re a real person and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. With that said, if you’re not happy with your current work assignment at Cumbria County Council then we want to hear from you. We’re not interested if you’ve been in the role for 5 months or 5 minutes, if you have an issue, contact us and let us help you.

Our talented and caring consultants go to work every day looking to build and strengthen their relationships with their clients and from this ethos, we’re confident that they feel happy picking up the phone and calling us.

We believe in offering our clients and councils an ‘above and beyond service’. By setting the bar high, it enables us to stand out from the crowd and be more effective than our competitors. We make sure, no matter the time, that we are just a call away. If for some reason we can’t answer, we’ll make sure your call is answered the same day. This commitment to client care is what makes us unique.

We are very proud of the high-level service that we offer at Portman Recruitment. We’ve seen countless times, social workers coming into our office and noticing just how different things are, how supportive we are, and how understanding we are. We believe that the social worker comes first, and we genuinely care about them and take personal pride in seeing their success. As well as recruiting the best talent in the social work sector, it’s our aim to build a good working relationship with all our clients. We even keep in touch with social workers who have left us for a more permanent role. They frequently get in touch with us and vice versa, letting us know how they are getting on. Further to that, we will always endeavour to go out and see our candidates and clients as much as possible thanks to our onsite visits and popular team meals out.

All social workers working with Portman Recruitment for Cumbria County Council will be paid weekly via the payroll company that they requested. We also have an in-house PAYE scheme should someone want to use that to ensure they’re never out of pocket.

Founded in 1974, Cumbria County Council has spent years maintaining the essential local services that the residents of their boroughs rely so heavily upon. Being a social worker is a job of great prestige and one that is valued by a great deal by people in the local area.

You’ll struggle to find a more beautiful place to live and work than in Cumbria. It is a truly stunning place from the beautiful Lake District to its charming villages such as Kendal, Windermere and Keswick. On your days off you’ll be spoilt for choice about what to do and where to go.

At Portman Recruitment, we have a clear and transparent approach to recruitment in the social work sector and this approach means you’ll always be our priority. Social workers in Cumbria need an agency that is there for them no matter the time of day. We arrange frequent catch-ups with you to ensure you’re happy and in your role and if you’re not, this is the perfect chance to let us know. We understand the role of a social worker and the complex and challenging situations that can arise. We do our utmost to ensure every party involved in the process is happy with.

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