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Let’s find your next big break, together.

Our dedication to matching social workers with their ideal roles is the foundation of our success as a recruitment business, and our level of ongoing support – which includes regular catch-ups with our consultants and out of hours calls should you need us – ensures you feel as supported as the people you help.

Whether you’re looking for social work jobs in child protection, mental health or adult services, we have a wide range of social work careers available for those hoping to make their mark in the industry. From Greater Manchester, Derbyshire and Yorkshire to Cardiff, Dorset and Wiltshire, we have roles all over the UK, so no matter where you are, we’ll help you find the role that’s right for you.

Why Work With Portman Recruitment?

Our process is completely different from our competitors. We treat you like a human, not just a name on a spreadsheet. The team here is like one big family and from the minute you get in touch we’ll be there to help you find your dream social work job. Our dedicated consultants genuinely care about their social workers and look forward to helping you in the pursuit of your next social work role. Whether you’re after a role that is a bit different or you’re quite happy with something that has a familiar feel, we’re sure to have something for you.

We work with councils across the UK, with a particular focus on the North West. So, if you’re based in ManchesterLiverpoolBlackpoolThe Wirral or anywhere else around these areas then be sure to get in touch with the team here at Portman Recruitment.

We’re looking for social workers who share our passion for helping people that need it the most. People who want to make a difference in the lives of those they support, and always strive to do their best by them. It’s these values that guide our own practice. Our company culture is open, fair and transparent and we’re always on hand to help with any issues that arise. It’s this culture that empowers our social workers to go above and beyond for our clients, teams and the communities that they help, and for that, we will always be grateful.

If you’re looking for something in particular or wondering which role best suits your skill set, then we encourage you to check out our vast range of fantastic jobs below, and get in touch with our social work agency for more information:

How To Get Into Social Work With Portman Recruitment

From the moment you get in touch with our team, we’ll work with you to ensure you get into a social work role that you’ll love. Our connections and experience make us confident that we can help you no matter what your social work background is.

We work with qualified social workers that have at least 1 years experience in the industry after qualification. We’ll dedicate real time to ensuring you feel comfortable about an upcoming interview and are aware of what to expect.

The people we look for are dedicated, talented and want to work with a recruitment agency that will be on hand to offer them support and advice. To us, social work is more than just a job or a role to fill, it’s about offering time and support to society’s most vulnerable. We want social workers that we can count on because we know they can count on us.

An initial consultation will look at your background, social work experience and what it is you’re after in your new role before your dedicated consultant explains the current jobs on offer and their rates of pay. A CV will be sent out to the hiring manager and an interview could be set up within 48 hours!

Once in a role, we are committed to checking in with you and seeing how you’re getting on. We do this because we want to make sure that you’re 100% comfortable with the role. We foster a relationship that means social workers feel comfortable expressing their issues and problems if there are any.

Social Work Roles With Portman Recruitment

Here at Portman Recruitment, we look for fully qualified social workers with at least a years’ experience in the industry. Having this level of experience puts the social worker in the best position to find their ideal role and allows us to speak to a broad range of local authorities.

Our roles range from Level 2 Social Worker right the way up to Head of Service positions.

The Roles We Offer And What They Entail

  • Level 3 Social Worker – A level 3 social worker is someone who is a bit more experienced than a level 2 social worker and therefore is expected to deal with far more complex problems on their own and with much less supervision. The supervision and accountability they do have will come from a team manager or supervisor.
  • Advanced Practitioner – An advanced practitioner will supervise a small number of social work staff and oversee the day to day operation of the team. Previous mentoring experience is something you would draw on in this role.
  • Practice Manager – A practice manager is someone who is responsible for the business and staffing aspects of a group of social workers. They will deal with timekeeping, staff performance, satisfaction and record keeping.
  • Team Manager – The main role of a team manager is to lead, motivate and nurture a group of experienced and newly qualified social workers.
  • Service Manager – They work in various settings to coordinate and supervise different social work programmes. They also research and analyse the needs of a particular community before creating programmes that will meet them.
  • BIA (Best Interest Assessor) – A BIA is someone whose job is to assess a vulnerable person’s situation and determine, based on 4 conditions, what must be done in their best interest.
  • IRO (Independent Reviewing Officer) – This role involves chairing reviews for children living in children’s homes or foster care. They have an important role to play in deciding what happens to a child. In addition, an IRO can also be put in place to review reports & assessments written by other social workers in an unbiased way.
  • Head of Service – A very senior role, this involves overseeing an entire social work service, this job is given to people who have high levels of experience across various sectors. They make key decisions about the direction of a particular social work service so need to draw on a good amount of experience.

The Councils That We Work With

Why Social Work Is Important

It’s hard to overstate the role of social work for community health, civil rights and for implementing social change, and as experienced social workers, you know this. Too often, social work and social workers are stereotyped as people that just deal with the separation of families and child protection. As social workers, you know that it is so much more complex, nuanced and deals with a broad range of social problems.

Your role as a social worker can directly impact and improve the lives of people. It is a practical and clear way of helping people whether they have mental health issues, a physical disability or come from a troubled family. At its core, social work is just people helping people.

Without you and other social workers, there is a danger of great social injustice happening because there’s no one there to intervene and stop the root cause of social problems. It’s not hyperbolic to say that the absence of you and other social workers can have a catastrophic impact on the vulnerable people in our society. Very often, people that are the beneficiaries of social work have no one else to turn to, this is their last hope. Social issues like loneliness, learning disabilities, abuse or mental illness leave people isolated, locked away from their friends and family. Your job as a social worker is to stop the immediate issue and then work to improve the lives of these vulnerable people in the long-term.

Social workers offer people hope in a world that has for so long seemed dark, with danger around every corner. To be a social worker and to help people is an incredible public service. It goes a long way to promote social justice, human rights and improve social development.

What Are Social Work Values?

There are a few core social work values that you and everyone in the sector should adhere to and keep in mind when going about their day to day tasks. These values inform everything a social worker does, ensures that the highest possible standards are kept and that ethics are maintained.

  • Service: The primary aim of a social worker is to help people who have been affected by social issues and address the social problems that caused them to need assistance.
  • Social Justice: Social workers should challenge social injustices when they see them and promote human rights when possible.
  • The Dignity And Worth Of The Person: Social workers must respect the dignity and worth of the person that they are caring for, regardless of gender identity, mental disability, physical disability, addiction issues or anything else. No matter how vulnerable they are, their human dignity is still paramount.
  • Human Relationships: Social workers should understand the fundamental importance of having human relationships and the impact it can have on mental health.
  • Competence: Social workers should spend time on their professional development, grow their knowledge base and strengthen their professional ethics in order to better themselves as social workers.


How Do I Join Portman Recruitment, And How Will You Help Me Find A Job?

Joining Portman Recruitment is an easy, and fully-supported process that involves the following steps:

  1. We meet with potential candidates to discuss their experience, as well as the areas and teams that they’d like to work in.
  2. We’ll discuss the roles we have available that match your requirements, and should you pass our clearance and DBS checks, we’ll pass your CV (and any supporting material) to the hiring manager.
  3. Should they like what they see, you’ll then be invited in for an interview – the outcome of which will be decided within 48 hours. We’ll ensure that you feel confident and fully-prepped for the interview.
  4. If you get the job (congratulations!), a start date is agreed, a booking is created and we’ll provide you with a helpful welcome pack, as well as the number of your loyal consultant who will always be there to help you should you need us too.
We differentiate ourselves based on these facts:

Our high level of support consists of:

  • Providing honest and transparent advice concerning what our roles will involve, what will be expected of you, and ultimately, based on your experience, whether we believe you are right for them.
  • Ensuring a smooth process from your initial consultation and application through to interviews, start dates and future roles.
  • Providing you with a welcome pack when you start a new role, which includes assignment information, payroll and deadline details and all-important contact details.
  • Should you wish to move from permanent to agency, full support through the move, keeping you up to date with industry news, the job market and new roles we think you’d be great at.
We pay all of our agency workers weekly (a week in hand), using an umbrella payroll service of your choice, that falls in line with our internal compliance checks. We also offer an optional inhouse PAYE scheme.
In Greater Manchester alone, we have well over 100 roles available, including those in mental health, disability support and community care.
Our roles span the whole of the UK, in locations including Gloucestershire, London, Cardiff, Lancashire and Yorkshire.
To find out more about Portman Recruitment and how we can help advance your career in social work, please give us a call today on 0161 327 0936 to speak to one of our friendly team members.

Latest Jobs

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Team Manager

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  • Adults
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Team Manager

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  • C&F
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Temporary Team Manager

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  • C&F
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