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Social Work Job Vacancies in Rochdale

Whether you’re a shopaholic, a history fan or find comfort in nature and the arts, then we know you’ll find your haven in Rochdale. The picturesque Spodden Valley is full of wildlife, industrial heritage and plenty of spectacular views, great for avid walkers. Hollingworth Lake Country Park also promises a great time, as do theatres including the Gracie Fields Theatre, The Curtain Theatre and Middleton Arena. From pop, jazz and rock through to comedy, drama and dance, there is a wide range of shows to revel in, to live your life to the fullest. And whenever you fancy a spending spree, just head over to the town centre for 2 fantastic shopping centres, a well as the unique market stalls. Along with the water-based and climbing activities found at the Hollingworth Lake Activity Centre, there’s no reason not to love living in Rochdale, or work there either.

All About Rochdale Borough Council

Rochdale Borough Council is the local authority for the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale in Greater Manchester. It comprises 60 councillors, 3 for each of the 20 wards in Rochdale. These wards include Bamford, Central Rochdale, East Middleton and Healey, as well as Norden, Littleborough Lakeside, West Heywood, Milnrow and Newhey and Smallbride and Firgrove. As well as providing a variety of great services to its constituents, their main aim is to be ‘’a council which builds success and prosperity with our citizens and partners, whilst protecting our vulnerable people.’’

Rochdale Borough Council’s Key Social Services Include:

  • Fostering: This is where future foster parents can learn how to become a foster carer, all about foster carer allowances and what’s involved with being a foster parent.
  • Adoption: Through the ‘Adoption Now’ initiative, future adopters can learn about the children who need to be urgently adopted, the processes involved and how they can make a difference in these children’s’ lives.
  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs: Where teachers and parents who are concerned about their children can get help from the Early Help and Schools Inclusion Team, as well as the Educational Psychology Service.

Other important services Rochdale Borough Council offers includes:

Types Of Social Work Roles Available At Rochdale Borough Council

Rochdale Borough Council offers social workers a fantastic range of roles from which to choose from, including those working as part of a cared for children team, community mental health team (CMHT) and emergency duty team (EDT), as well as their duty and assessment team and child protection team.

Our current roles in Rochdale include:

  • Advanced Practitioner – Working With Children & Families.
  • QSW Level 3 – Cared for Children Team – Working With Children & Families.
  • QSW Level 3 – Community Mental Health Team – Working With Adults.
  • AMHP – Emergency Duty Team – Working With Children & Families.

To learn more about our full range of roles, please click here.

Why Rochdale Borough Council Is A Great Place To Be A Social Worker

  • They are leading the way in social work with their innovative ACT (Achieving Change Together) programme, which includes support for those at risk of, or victims of child sexual exploitation.
  • In 2018, they won the national MJ Achievement Award for Digital Transformation, reflecting the way in which they deliver services online, greatly benefiting their constituents and staff members.
  • They put all staff members on their ‘Employee Assistance Programme’ – a team benefit there to help you deal with any personal or professional problems which could be having an effect on your well-being.


Our Relationship With Rochdale Borough Council

Rochdale Borough Council and Portman Recruitment work closely together to find strong and suitable candidates for the roles they have to fill. Whenever they are looking for new social workers, they will send us across available roles and based on the job specs, we’ll send across CVs that we feel best meet their needs. Should a CV stand out, we’ll let our lucky candidate know, and an interview will be set up with Rochdale Borough Council. We’ll help with interview prep and technique, and ensure the candidate feels ready to show off their skills. We’ll follow up with post-interview feedback, and should the candidate be successful, we’ll arrange a start date and provide them with a beneficial welcome pack. This includes details of their dedicated consultant, who will always be there to help should they need us.

‘’Can’t say enough positive things about Portman Recruitment! Well looked after, listened to and supported. Go above and beyond to find the right role for you.’’ – Phil

Rochdale Borough Council sounds pretty fantastic, doesn’t it? If you’d like to learn more about them and the range of social work roles available in Rochdale, then please give us a call today on 0161 327 0936.


What process do you use to select social workers for positions?

At Portman Recruitment, our process is varied and depends on where the strengths and previous experience of the social worker candidate lies. However, we don’t just look at their qualities as a candidate we ask them, the candidate, what they’re looking for. After all, if the role isn’t right for them then we’ll soon find ourselves back at square one. Some candidates may be looking for a new challenge and others may just be looking for a continuation of roles that they have had in the past. At Portman Recruitment, our specialist recruiters make sure that your CV is optimised and highlighted all the relevant skills that a hiring manager at Rochdale Council may be looking for. In our experience, social workers know what they’re looking for, this allows us to go out and speak to local authorities and then make those social workers aware of the jobs that match their skill set.

A lot of local authorities, including Rochdale Council, tend to look for agency workers that have around 2 or 3 years of previous experience. This amount of experience is usually requested because it shows a local authority that this candidate has experienced all the likely scenarios that one could expect to find themselves in as a social worker. However, if demand is high and roles need to be filled some councils and local authorities will look for people with 12 months experience.

Rochdale Council offers 35 hours a week contracts to their social workers.

We advise any social worker who is unhappy, facing challenges out of their remit or is in a difficult situation, to pick up the phone right away. The length of time one has been in a role doesn’t matter, whether you’ve been there for 2 minutes or 2 weeks. We want to be amongst the first to hear about your issue so that we can reassure you and, more importantly, create a solution so that that never happens again. Our consultants work really hard to build strong working relationships with our social workers. This strength of these relationships makes us confident that social workers know we are always just a call away.

We were founded on offering an ‘above and beyond’ service for our clients and social workers. This ethos and idea about how a recruitment company should operate ensure we’re able to stand out from our competitors because we know that we’ll always do more. Our specialist recruiters are just a call away and if phone calls are missed we endeavour to answer them on the same day.

There are a great number of advantages to working with Portman Recruitment. We pride ourselves on the high-level service that we offer and our social workers know that we are different from the minute they work through the door. The contractor comes first and we work hard to make sure the candidate has all the tools – be it an optimised CV, advice about interviews or regular updates about their application – to succeed and find the job they’re looking for. It’s our aim to build great working relationships with our social workers. Social workers that have left us for a permanent role will regularly stay in touch with us to let us know how they’re getting on. We endeavour to go and see our clients as much as possible, but we don’t hound them, we make sure that we always work around the social worker.

Social workers working for Rochdale Council are paid weekly and on time via their requested payroll company. At Portman Recruitment, we also operate an in-house PAYE scheme should someone want to use that to ensure they’re never out of pocket.

Working at Rochdale Council puts you at the heart of a fantastic local community. Social workers at Rochdale Council are highly valued in the area and people who live in Rochdale understand the importance of social workers and how vital their role is. Since 1974, Rochdale Council has provided the people of Rochdale with high-quality bin services, libraries and schools. Living and working in Rochdale puts you in an area that has fantastic shops, restaurants and things to see & do. On your days off there are plenty of things to see and do, take the tram into Manchester City Centre, or get the train out to Liverpool. Rochdale is ideally located because it’s near amazing city’s but you don’t have to put up with all the hustle and bustle.

You’ll struggle to find a level of service like our at Portman Recruitment. We have an honest and transparent way of working that makes us unique. Our social workers find our approach refreshing and a welcome change compared to other recruitment companies. We treat you like a human that is doing a sometimes difficult job. We respect your time and we know that you’re busy therefore we find a way to create ways of communication that work for you. We know that you need an agency that is there for you when you need it and has your back during difficult times.

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