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Social Work Job Vacancies in Stockport Council

If you are looking for a community steeped in history, then Stockport may just be the home you have been looking for. With over 380 listed buildings, the country’s only dedicated hatting museum – the Hat WorksAir Raid Shelters, and iconic viaducts, this region has a rich backstory that is evident all around.

Entertainment opportunities also do not lack thanks to the likes of the Plaza – the only remaining super cinema in the UK. Stockport is also a wonderful shopper’s paradise. There is an abundance of wares on offer in places such as the Cheadle Makers Market, Merseyway Shopping Centre, and the Stockport Market Place. The vendors are plentiful and items even more so. There is also plenty of outdoor space to roam and enjoy. With 14 natural reserves including the noteworthy Reddish Vale Country Park and Etherow Country Park, there is a lot of beautiful scenery to take in.

For a return to city life, Manchester City Centre remains easily accessible thanks to great transport links. You get all the trappings of the countryside, with easy access to modern conveniences and entertainment not far off. With all this and more, if you’re looking to work as a social worker, then Stockport is a good place to choose.

All About Stockport Metropolitan Council

The Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council covers four constituencies. These include Cheadle, Hazel Grove, Stockport, and Reddish. There are 21 wards with 3 councillors per ward. That makes for a total of 63 councillors. The borough of Stockport has a population of 290,557 as of 2016 with an unemployment rate below the regional and national average.

It is the northernmost metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester and the council’s motto is “Animo et Fide” that translates into “With Courage and Faith”. The Council Plan has placed an emphasis on working towards protecting and providing support for the town’s more vulnerable residents.

The social services Stockport Council delivers to constituents include:

  • Family Services: the Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council delivers various family services to the community including arrangements for fostering and adoption of children. Anyone looking to become a foster carer can find helpful information on the site. Adoptions are now being handled at a more regional scale under the Adoption Counts initiative, which includes additional boroughs.
  • Mental health services: The Stockport Council works with the Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and other providers to support those suffering mental health issues with the support that enables them to live independent lives. They work on both prevention and recovery initiatives to help deliver quality safe service to those that most need it.

The Stockport Council also caters to other vital day-to-day services, including:

Types of Social Work Roles Available at Stockport Council

The Stockport Council is dedicated to delivering quality services to the most vulnerable segments of the community. There are multiple departments and initiatives targeted at caring for adults, children, and the mentally afflicted. This has presented many job opportunities for those interested in social work.

The jobs we currently have on offer include:

  • QSW Level 3a – Locality Team – Working With Children & Families
  • QSW Level 3 – Locality Team – Working With Children & Families

To see our full range of social worker-based roles, please click here.

Why Stockport Council is a Great Place to Be a Social Worker

The Stockport Council Plan clearly indicates their awareness of the need to care for the most vulnerable. This desire to better the lives of residents makes it an inviting community to join and become a contributing member. Jobwise, there are plenty of vacancies to apply for that can offer an excellent opportunity to build or further your career on.

Our Relationship with the Stockport Council

Stockport Council and Portman Recruitment have repeatedly worked together to find promising and strong candidates for the various positions that fall open in social work areas. With each job opening, we are notified of the requirements, and search our database of CVs to identify suitable candidates.

We evaluate these choices and select the best-suited candidates for the job. These candidates are then notified and prepared for an interview with the council. After the interview, we ensure detailed feedback is given to the candidate whether or not they get the job. If successful, the candidate is informed of their start date and provided a welcome package that will help prepare them for their new post.

This support does not, however, end there. To help successfully ease you into your job, your dedicated consultant will still be available for a chat as you settle in. Securing a job at the Stockport Council would be a dream come true for anyone in social work. Let us help you make it a reality. Call us today on 0161 327 0936, and find out how we help you meet your career aspirations working in Stockport.

What process do you use to select social workers for positions?

We start every social worker application process by asking the candidate what it is they’re looking for in their new role. While their strengths and experience are important we think it’s just as important to find out their intentions. We do this because, further down the line, it ensures that the candidate is happy in their new role because we’ve helped them find one that fits their needs. Some people may want a new challenge whereas some candidates will be looking for a similar role. In our experience social workers know exactly what they’re after, this allows us to go out and chat to clients and then make the social worker aware of the jobs available.

Local authorities like Stockport Council tend to look for people with around 2 to 3 years of experience, this is because it’s usually a good indicator that someone has enough experience and has dealt with any and all scenarios. However, on occasion and if demand allows it, some local authorities will accept social workers with 12 months experience.

Stockport Council offers 37 hours per week and the business milage claim is around 40p per mile.

If any social worker that works with Portman Recruitment is having issues, they should immediately contact their dedicated consultant. We want to hear about issues as soon as they arise so that we can limit it there and then and also put a plan in place to prevent it from happening in the future. We work hard to build strong relationships with our social workers and always remind them that we are just a phone call away should things be going wrong.

We were founded on an ‘above and beyond’ ethos. This means we work hard to always go the extra mile for our social workers, their job is hard at times and we understand that which is why we want our social workers to know that we’ve got their back. Our support ranges from CV optimisation, to ensure all your skills and experience are shown in the best way, to more palliative support, mock interviews and regular job updates.

The high level of service that we offer is something that we’re really proud of. From the minute social workers meet their dedicated consultant, they realise we do things differently. The social worker always comes first, they don’t just go into their role and are then forgotten about, they’re never a number on a spreadsheet. Our aim is to create a great working relationship with our social workers. We do this through regular onsite visits and popular team evenings out. Social workers that have left us often stay in touch with us to let us know how they are getting on.

Social workers that work for Stockport Council via Portman Recruitment will be paid on time, every time in a way that suits them. We also offer a PAYE scheme for social workers should they want that.

Working for Stockport Council and living in Stockport puts you at the heart of one of the north’s most famous towns. Situated just minutes away from Manchester, Stockport offers you all the convenience of being near bigger cities while also allowing you to get away from the hustle and bustle and be somewhere with a slower pace of life. The people of Stockport appreciate the hard work that social workers do and recognise just how important they are to a functioning community. Living and working in Stockport puts you at the heart of a charming town with wonderful people.

You’ll struggle to find a level of service like ours here at Portman Recruitment. Our honest and transparent way of working is a welcome sight for many social workers. Our consultants respect the role of social workers and understand how difficult it can be at times when people work with Portman Recruitment they know we’ve got their back.

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