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Social Work Job Vacancies in Warrington

Also known as the ‘Gateway to the North’, Warrington has been welcoming visitors for over 2000 years, and with its promise of a fantastic time, it’s not hard to see why. Closeby to Liverpool and Manchester, as well as the Peak District, North Wales and the Lake District, Warrington offers much in the way of entertainment for any Warrington-based social worker. From the Golden Square Shopping Centre and Birchwood Shopping Centre which house all of your favourite brands through to the Pyramid and Parr Hall that regularly host a variety of music concerts and family-friendly – you’re certainly spoilt for choice. Along with the Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden and Warrington Museum & Art Gallery – which has a fantastic collection of artefacts from Egypt, Roman and Civil War times, Warrington is certainly an eclectic place to live and work as a social worker. If you’re a social worker looking to work in Warrington, then let us tell you all about the fantastic council, and why you would love to work as a social worker for them.


All About Warrington Borough Council

Warrington Borough Council is the local authority for Warrington. It comprises 58 councillors, which work between the 22 wards in Warrington. These wards include Appleton, Birchwood, Grappenhall, Great Sankey South and Orford, as well as Penketh and Cuerdley, Poplars and Hulme, Rixton and Woolston, Stockton Heath and Westbrook. Along with providing a great range of services to their constituents, their main goal is, ‘’to protect our residents and local environment and to help responsible businesses to thrive by providing a fair trading environment, and a balance between support and enforcement.’’

Warrington Borough Council Main Social Services Include:

  • Special educational needs and disability (SEND): Providing a range of support to children and young adults with special educational needs and disabilities, including help in schools.
  • Warrington Safeguarding Partnership: Where those concerned about the welfare of children and young people can report abuse and ensure the individual gets the support they need.
  • Private Fostering: The council ensures that private fostering situations are safe and suitable, and the action to take should it not be.

Other key services Warrington Borough Council offers includes:

Types Of Social Work Roles Available At Warrington Borough Council

Warrington Borough Council provides social workers with a great range of roles to have their pick of, including working as part of an Integrated Intermediate Care Service team.

Our current social work roles in Warrington include:

  • Advanced Practitioner – Children In Need Team – Working With Children & Families
  • QSW Level 3 – Integrated Intermediate Care Service Team – Working With Adults

Along with roles in Duty and Assessment and Child Protection teams, we can help you find social work in Warrington that meets your needs. To learn more about our range of social worker jobs, please click here.

Why Warrington Borough Council Is A Great Place To Be A Social Worker

  • They have roles for all types of social workers, including those who want to work with children, families, the elderly and those dealing with mental health issues.
  • They have a true community spirit that cares for all of their social workers, and places trust in their recommendations and decisions.
  • They regulate their social workers to ensure they are providing their clients with the help and support they need, protecting them from harm and always ensuring their welfare and happiness.

Our Relationship With Warrington Borough Council

Warrington Borough Council and Portman Recruitment have a strong working relationship based on trust, because they trust us to provide them with high-quality candidates, and we trust them to offer our candidates the guidance and support they need to work beyond their potential. Whenever they are searching for a new social worker, they will send across available roles, and based on their requirements, we’ll send across suitable CVs. Should they be of interest, we’ll let the candidate know, and then set up an interview with Warrington Borough Council.

We guide our candidates throughout the process – with everything from interview practice and technique through to post-interview feedback and assignment support. Should a candidate be successful at the interview stage, we’ll arrange a start date and provide them with a useful welcome pack. This describes the assignment and provides contact details of their dedicated consultant. They’ll always be there to help, and so are we.

‘’Very promising start with Portman, they got me a job to suit my very specific needs pretty much instantly and have been great to work with so far as they take care of everything for you. Would definitely recommend them.’’ – Joanne

If you’d like to make Warrington Borough Council your place of work, then please give us a call today on 0161 327 0936 to learn more about who they are, who we are, and what we can do to make that wish a reality.

What process do you use to select social workers for positions?

When it comes to finding a social worker for Warrington Borough Council, our is different each time. This reason for this is because each candidate is different and what sort of role they’re after depends on what strengths and what previous experience the candidate has.

While the right social work experience is important, it’s just as vital to ask the candidate what it is they’re looking for in their new role. It’s all well and good placing a candidate in a role but if they don’t like it or their problems we end up back where we started quicker than we’d like.

Some may be looking for a new challenge and to expand their social work knowledge whereas other social workers may be looking for more continuity.

At Portman Recruitment it’s our job to make sure that your CV is optimised and you are comfortable being interviewed for a social work role at Warrington Borough.

Warrington Borough Council like a lot of boroughs will often look for agency social workers that have 2 to 3 years post-qualification experience in the social work sector.

The many years of experience indicate to local authorities that the social worker has all the relevant real-world knowledge needed to successfully complete a role. On occasion though, Warrington Borough Council will consider social workers with 12 months experience.

Warrington Borough Council offers 37 hours week contracts and 40p per mile for business trips.

If you’re a social worker working with Portman Recruitment for a local authority, who is having a problem, we urge you to call your dedicated consultant. We don’t care how big or small the problem is or how long you’ve been in the role. All we ask is that our social workers give us a call so we can put a plan in place. We work hard to build strong relationships with our social workers. We really care about the wellbeing of each and every one of them. We’re confident that all our social workers feel comfortable picking up the phone and giving us a call.

From day one, our agency was created on a belief of offering an ‘Above and Beyond service’. This attitude means we’re confident knowing we’ll always do more for our social workers than our competitors. We do our utmost to ensure our clients feel as comfortable as possible when it comes to contacting us.

Whether it is helping candidates optimise their qualifications, create an outstanding CV full of relevant experience or just being a call away. When it comes to being interviewed, we’ll give you advice on answering questions as well as keeping you in the loop about your application.

This level of service by our team is something you’ll struggle to find at other social work agencies. From the first hello, our social worker candidates can see that we do things a little different around here. We regularly get comments from social workers past and present about how supporting and understanding we are. As well as offering an above and beyond service, we also believe that the candidate comes first. We care about them and their worries and concerns. The people that come through our door are ambitious, hardworking people who deserve to be treated with respect by a social work agency that has their back. We work hard every day to ensure we can match this hard work, ambition and support them when needed. Social workers who’ve left us for permanent roles elsewhere will often stay in touch. We do as much as we can to ensure that we see people as much as possible with onsite visits and team meals out.

All agency social workers will be paid on time every time via the payment method that suits them. In addition, we offer an option PAYE scheme that social workers can use if they so wish.

Working at Warrington Borough Council puts you at the heart of a fantastic, close-knit, diverse community. Located near some other amazing places like Manchester and Liverpool, people in Warrington recognise the importance of social workers and the role they do. Social workers in Warrington are vital parts of the community and are respected highly for a reason. On your days off be sure to visit the amazing things to see and do in Warrington, or hop in your car and travel a bit further afield to the Peak District, Lake District or Southport beach!

We work honestly and transparently here at Portman Recruitment. This way of working allows a more open and constructive relationship between us, our social workers and the local authorities that they work so hard for. We understand the role of the social worker and know that they need an agency that is there for them when they need it.

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