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What is a strength-based approach to Social Work?

Social work encompasses all sorts of disciplines and impacts the lives of a variety of people. From young people with mental health concerns and those with incredibly damaging life experiences to family members who have been the victims of harm or substance abuse, it can be hard to imagine the pain and suffering that many people go through and have to endure.

While these people might be vulnerable and have weaknesses, they are by no means without positive traits. This is where a strength-based approach to social work comes in. In today’s blog, we’ll be examining what a strength-based approach is and how it can benefit you as a social worker.

We thoroughly believe in the strength-based approach at Portman Recruitment. And if you do to and are a social worker based in the UK, in places such as LiverpoolManchesterGloucestershireCumbria or the surrounding areas of The WirralStockport or Salford, have at least a year’s experience in social work and are looking for a new role, then be sure to get in touch with Portman Recruitment today.

What Is A Strength-Based Approach In Social Work?

Sometimes referred to as an asset-based approach, a strength-based approach in social work focuses on the personal strengths of the person at the centre of the support services, as opposed to their weaknesses. A holistic and multi-faceted approach, it is about working with the individual and looks to improve on their strengths to promote their wellbeing.

The whole approach has a focus on what is strong about the person rather than what is wrong with them. This approach then looks to identify these strengths to help lift them out of the situation they are in. It is all focused around outcomes and the person, not the services that they may use.

Each individual who is the beneficiary of the broader social work practice is different. By putting them and their well-being at the centre of social work we tend to see more cooperation and greater long-term success because we’re focusing on positive aspects.

Benefits Of The Strength-Based Approach

  • Happiness – A strength-based approach makes people feel at the centre of care. Putting them at the centre of a plan is bound to make them happier and more receptive to social workers interventions.
  • Better outcomes – By creating a bespoke package of support, resources and facilities, the chances of them turning their life around for the long run is much greater. Instead of just putting someone into a system and simply hoping that things go well.
  • Confidence – Very often, people who are the beneficiaries of social work have low self-esteem and haven’t been able to think about their strengths. By encouraging them to open up and talk about the things that they are good at, we can expect to see their confidence and self-worth soar.

We Hope You’ve Seen The Benefits Of A Strength-Based Approach In Social Work. Looking For A New Social Work Role? Get In Touch

Strength-based approaches are at the heart of modern social work because they glean so much insight about the person and help support services tailor their approach. And, a tailored approach is exactly what you can expect when you get in touch with Portman Recruitment. If you’re a social worker with at least a year’s experience in the role, are looking for a new job in the industry and are based in places such as TraffordCumbriaRochdale and the surrounding areas of BlackpoolWarrington and Lancashire then get in touch with Portman Recruitment today!

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