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Why Portman is Different

What makes us different to other Recruitment Agencies?

From the moment care workers walk through our doors they can see that we do things differently. We think, better!

As an employment agency, our role is to find you a suitable position. Our focus matches the right person to the right role.

You’re not just another name on a spreadsheet, you’re a person with goals, wants and needs. We will support you through the entire application process.

We were founded on the ethos of going ‘Above and Beyond’

We go the extra mile to support candidates through the entire process, via email, telephone and offering advice and tips before interviews.

We are here for you!

How Portman Works

We don’t have one fixed process

Every social worker we meet is different therefore the way we treat them and their application is going to be different. The way we help you will depend on your experience, strengths and weaknesses. Some candidates will be looking for a new challenge, something to broaden their level of experience. Other social workers with many years of experience may want something that they’re familiar with that provides them with the work-life balance that they are used to.

After an initial consultation with you, we’ll go out and speak to a local authority that we think is best for you. Once that has been agreed, we’ll prep you for your interview to ensure you look and sound like the ideal candidate! When you secure your new dream role, we’ll be there to support you and resolve any issues you may encounter in your new social work role. This leads us on to another thing, if you ever have any issues please get in touch with your dedicated consultant, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the full/part-time role, we want to hear from you so that we can offer regular supervision and advice to ensure the problem doesn’t happen again or doesn’t manifest into something bigger.

How We Help Our Candidates Find Roles:

  1. We meet with potential candidates to discuss their current experience, the locations they’d be willing to travel to and the team that they’d like to work in.
  2. A dedicated consultant describes roles that meet the candidates’ requirements in-depth, as well as the rate of pay.
  3. If a potential role appeals to a candidate, their CV is sent to the hiring manager, and if successful, an interview is arranged. An outcome is typically given to the candidate within 48 hours.
  4. If they get the job, a start date is agreed, a booking is created and we provide them with a welcome pack. This details the assignment, the payroll process and deadlines, as well as who to contact should they experience any issues.
  5. A dedicated consultant will check in with the social worker on a regular basis to ensure job satisfaction.

We also help our candidates through the promotion process, from standard social worker all the way up to team managers.

How We Help Our Clients:

We pride ourselves on our quick, efficient and highly successful solution to hiring problems within the social work industry. We only provide fully-vetted professionally qualified individuals who pass our strict compliance checks, which include multiple references, a DBS check, and full verified HCPC and CCW registrations. Because we treat our contract social workers properly, we’ve found that they enjoy their roles so much better, and are therefore the most dependable, hard-working and supportive candidates you’ll find out there.