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What No-one Ever Tells You About Being A Social Worker

We love social work here at Portman Recruitment and see the benefits of it daily. From seeing young people turn their lives around, to watching others manage their mental health concerns, there are so many rewarding aspects of social work. That’s not to say it isn’t a difficult job though. There are certainly hard times when you’re working with vulnerable adults, in child protection or negotiating with a difficult family member.

In today’s blog, we’d like to talk about aspects of social work that you may not hear about very often. By talking about this we hope we can talk about all aspects of social work and ensure greater understanding.

Every Situation Is Unique

Daily, you’ll be facing unique situations. Every family member, every case, and every person is wildly different. And, a key part of being a social worker is being able to recognise this fact early on. Throughout your professional life as a social worker, you’ll come across all sorts of situations and you must give everyone the right to be heard. They have their strengths, weaknesses and vices. Being a social worker is about listening and seeing each person for who they are, and also, what they need.

Listening Is Far More Effective Than Talking

Entering people’s lives and being a social worker can be difficult for the former sometimes. One of the best ways you can convince skeptical people is by listening to them and genuinely hearing what they have to say about their situation and fears. Taking time to actively listen and understand what that person has been through and why their life has gotten to this point will not only help inform your decisions about their care plan or what steps to take next but it will also help convince them that you are someone who cares.

No One Has Planned To End Up In This Situation

This may seem obvious, but we can often forget that those you help didn’t choose to end up here, and this is something all social workers should keep in the back of their minds when dealing with people. If they had a choice, they wouldn’t choose this path. Whether it is issued at home, an addiction, or they have been let down by the system, it’s important to remember that being a social worker is about empathising, understanding and offering these people hope and security.

If You’re Looking For A New Social Work Role Then Contact Portman Recruitment Today

We hope this blog has helped you gain greater insight into what it’s actually like being a social worker and has helped you understand the profession a bit more. Not put off? If you’re a social worker, have at least a year’s experience, and are looking for a new role, then please get in touch with Portman Recruitment today.

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