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Why Is Social Work Important?

It is a big, profound question – why is social work important? Here at Portman Recruitment, we know the importance of social work, as do the social workers that we work with.

But, the important part they play in our society can sometimes get lost in the noise. So, in today’s blog, we’re going to look at that big, profound question and offer up some of our thoughts behind why social work is such an essential practice.

If you’re a social worker with at least a year’s post qualifying experience and are looking for a new role within a local authority near you, then be sure to get in touch with consultants at Portman Recruitment today. We work with a range of local authorities across the North West in particular like ManchesterLiverpoolBlackpool and Cheshire.

Why Social Work Is So Important

In an increasingly unequal society where more and more people are struggling with daily life, money and mental health issues. The need for a social worker to enter someone’s life and offer a positive impact is vital.

On a micro level, social work is, at its core, about helping people. Social workers work with individual people to offer long term care, rehabilitative support and use their hands-on experience to make informed decisions. Looking at the bigger picture, social work as a concept is directly linked to social justice and civil rights. The role of social workers is to enforce a person’s human rights when they are unable to and enact social change by using their position of power. Social workers, often thought as people that just deal with child welfare, are warriors in a fight to fix deep-rooted social issues one case at a time.

Social workers play a vital role in community health because they work with, and ensure the wellbeing of, society’s most vulnerable people. The way a community cares for its less fortunate and most vulnerable is a good indicator of how healthy it is. Without social workers dedicating their time to serious social issues and public service, communities would crumble quickly.

Another important point to consider is the fact that social work is one of the few professions that promotes selflessness and public service above individual career goals. People that choose to become social workers do so knowing they are going to be there for others, not themselves.

People who are the beneficiaries of social work do not have many close relationships. When a social worker becomes part of someone’s life to help them with mental health issues, drug dependency, a chronic illness, physical disability or whatever it is that is affecting them, they quickly become an important part of that person’s life. The ability to balance professional discretion with personal empathy to individual people, while still ensuring what is being done is in their best interests, is one of the many balancing acts social workers have to face.

About Portman Recruitment

The team here at Portman Recruitment understand the meaningful work that social workers do on a daily basis more than most. We work hard to help social workers, with at least one or two years’ post-qualifying experience, find their dream social work role. We look for social workers that have fantastic time management, share the same personal and professional values as us and are dedicated to helping others. If you think that is applied to you or someone you know, then get in touch with the team today.

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