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What To Expect When Moving From Permanent To Agency

Making the move from permanent to agency social worker can be daunting, especially when you hand your notice in and take that ‘leap of faith’ into the unknown. When will your next role start? What will it involve? How long will it last? Though we understand the concerns, we know that the benefits always outweigh them, especially when the move is taken through us. To put your mind at ease, we’ve created this extensive blog that highlights the differences between agency and permanent, how we make the process easier, and the advantages that this brings.

What Are The Differences Between Permanent And Agency?

Whereas a permanent team member has an ongoing contract with one authority, an agency social worker agrees to work on a temporary basis. Agency contracts usually begin with an initial three months, to ensure that the candidate and client are a good match, and that the social worker feels comfortable in the role. In most cases, the contract is extended.

In general, agency staff receive a higher hourly rate of pay than permanent staff, and should they be unhappy in their role can move on quickly – only having to give 1-2 weeks notice. You can be in a new assignment as soon as you like.

How Does Portman Recruitment Help Social Workers Move From Permanent To Agency?

It’s actually quite a simple process:

  • The candidate and consultant discuss ideal roles, as well as their notice period for their current position and contract. This allows us to understand the time period in which to find a desirable role by the time the candidates permanent notice period comes to an end.
  • The consultant arranges multiple interviews, providing guidance and support throughout the process.
  • Once an offer has been made, a start date will be arranged and the candidate will continue to work at their permanent role before starting at their agency position.

What Benefits Does Moving To Agency Offer?

There are many benefits that moving to agency offers, including:

  • Flexible Working: We work with you to create a schedule that you feel comfortable with.
  • Higher Wages: With permanent you have to wait for a payrise, whereas with agency you start on a higher rate anyway.
  • Ability To Move Authorities Within A 2 Week Notice Period: Like to move location to keep life interesting? Agency allows this.
  • Discover Different Management Styles: Learn different ways of working, influencing your practice, and boosting your skill set.
  • Experience Different Teams: Meet new people and work together for the benefit of your clients.
  • Becoming A More Rounded Social Worker: With the new people that you meet and the knowledge you learn from them, you become a better social worker in the process.
  • Personal Consultant: You receive a dedicated consultant that places your needs at the core of our service.
  • Weekly Wage: You’re paid on time, in full, every week, which is much better than monthly pay don’t you think?

What Should I Be Aware Of If I’m Thinking Of Moving From Permanent To Agency?

Usually agency managers are looking for social workers to start their position within 1-4 weeks of the successful interview, so if you hand your permanent notice in, there may be an 8 week notice period where you don’t hear anything back from positions you’ve applied for. Therefore, during this time, your dedicated consultant will make sure that you are fully-registered and ready to start when the time is right.

We also make it our duty to stay in regular contact with you so that you’re always aware of what’s going on within the industry and the job market. Fortunately, with the current shortage of social workers and the industry being propped up by agency workers, it is very unlikely a candidate will be without work at the end of their notice period. There really has never been a better time to make the move.

In What Situations Should A Social Worker Not Move To Agency?

We would never suggest a social worker make the move if they had more pressing obligations that needed their consideration, but in general, we feel that making the move only brings with it positive returns. The job is flexible, the pay is better and our social workers appreciate the variety of teams and locations they get to work within.

How Can Social Workers Be Successful In An Agency Role?

You Need To Be:

  • Confident in your own abilities.
  • Understand that authorities are expecting you to strengthen their existing team.
  • Have trust in your consultant and make them aware of how you are finding the assignment.

We’re always available for out of hours calls should you need us, and our regular catch ups ensure your happiness.

What Advice What You Give To A Social Worker Who Is Considering Making The Move?

Speak with other agency workers who have made the jump, as they’ll be able to talk you through their experiences and give you tips and tricks of the trade. Many of our candidates who have made the move comment on how much more complete they feel working in agency positions, citing higher levels of job enjoyment too.

What Is Different About Portman’s Approach To Helping Candidates Make The Move?

Our approach differs in the following ways:

  • We understand the enormity of handing in your notice and moving into the unknown of the agency world, and we do our utmost to make this process as easy and stress-free as possible.
  • We’re with you every step of the way, providing you with all the facts and figures so that you can make an informed decision about what’s right for you.
  • We’ll never pressure you into making the move, no matter how far along in the process we get.
  • We have numerous success stories and have helped countless people enjoy the flexibility and financial benefits of being an agency social worker. We’re more than happy to put you in touch with them to share their personal experiences with you.

Looking to work in social work? Thinking of making the move from permanent to agency? Let us help you to do just that by calling us today on 0161 327 0936 or emailing us at info@portmanrecruitment.com.